Anne Arundel County Schools

Thinking of buying a home in Anne Arundel County of Maryland but want to make sure the schools are up to standard first? Fear not; as one of Maryland’s largest school districts, Anne Arundel County Public Schools has the resources to offer outstanding educational opportunities to its many diverse students.

Facts and Figures

Serving over 81,000 students across Anne Arundel County, Anne Arundel County Public Schools is among the largest school districts in the state of Maryland. It is comprised of 129 schools and staffed by over 6,600 teachers—97% of whom hold advanced or standard teaching certifications, and 451 of which are board-certified (the 2nd highest number in the state). In addition to its many standard schools, the district is also home to two charter schools (Chesapeake Science Point and Monarch Academy), two Centers for Applied Technology, and several specialized education centers.


Anne Arundel County Public Schools is home to 17 National Blue Ribbon and 21 Maryland Blue Ribbon schools. It features a nationally-recognized Outdoor Education Program, and enjoys high graduation rates at all of its high schools (80% and above). Additionally, of the district’s graduating seniors, 83% of students continue on to pursue postsecondary education. It is ranked in the Top 15 Best School Districts in Maryland by school-rater, and is currently building a new ground-up high school, the Crofton Area High School.

Specialized Educational Programs

The many schools of Anne Arundel County offer an astounding array of specialized programs and courses of study. These include Advanced Placement, Advanced Learner, and Advancement Via Individual Determination. Additionally, the district features several Magnet programs, including International Baccalaureate, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), BioMedical Allied Health, Performing and Visual Arts, and Career & Technology Education at the Centers of Applied Technology.

It also offers many Signature Programs designed to connect real-world situations with classroom instruction, which include engineering, community development, environmental edu, information mgmt, security, economics and finance, global communications, business, and more.

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